Ends on September 28, 2018

Anyone can take part in the Blue Growth Data Challenge.

We encourage anyone studying data analytics, data science or marine science in Scotland to take part.

Competitors can be individuals or compete as a team. Teams can include up to a maximum of five participants. 


Scotland's Blue Growth Data Challenge is an open innovation competition which aims to harness creative thinking & data science to undertake analysis and design new data products for the benefit of our local and global marine environment, communities & economy.

Orkney is home to the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). This is the world’s only accredited centre offering full scale, grid-connected test facilities for developers of wave and tidal energy devices. This year, EMEC are making their datasets openly available for anyone to explore for the first time ever!

Scotland's Blue Growth Data Challenge will reward ingenuity and excellence in applying data science to EMEC's open data with data with any other accessible data sets including those from the Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications.

Anyone can take part. If you are studying, working with or researching data or the marine environment and you believe that you can creatively work with open data to create a useful output, please get involved and take part in the Blue Growth Data Challenge!

Privacy Notice: Personal information (such as an email address) provided in the registration form will be processed by the University of Edinburgh in its capacity as The Data Lab. The personal information will be used to keep the Applicant(s) informed of progress with the Blue Growth Data Challenge. The personal information will not be processed for any other purpose.  This information will be retained for five years.