This form should be completed to accompany your CV when applying for an industrial placement.  The form is used to collect information to allow The Data Lab to match you to a suitable placement, taking into account preferences such as location and working pattern, etc. When completing this form please try to be as flexible as possible with your preferences.

Application to the programme does not guarantee you will be selected for a placement.  Applicants will be selected on a best match basis to the projects provided by industrial partners. 

Privacy Policy
This form collects information from students regarding their preferences for the placement as part of The Data Lab PhD Placement Programme. Your data will be held by The Data Lab. The data is collected to match students with available placement projects.  Please see our privacy notice for information about how The Data Lab uses your personal information in relation to the provision of industrial placements. The privacy notice is available at:

Evaluation and Feedback
Due to nature of this project as a pilot, we are keen to obtain detailed feedback from both students and organisations participating in the programme, to enable evaluation and future planning.  It is assumed that by participating in this programme, you will provide feedback on request of your experience and any benefits/impact as a result of undertaking a placement through the programme.  This may be in the form of questionnaire, blog, case study as relevant to the project.

Prior to commencing placement, the expected time commitment and outputs will be mutually agreed upon between the student, the host organisation and The Data Lab.  Payment will be made on completion of the project subject to the student providing evidence of the time spent working (through timesheets) and delivery of the outputs to the required standard as agreed.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.