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Please use this form if you would like to submit a Training Course as part of the DataFest 2020 Fringe Event Programme.  
We are open to applications from all sectors, academic institutions and businesses.  The aim of our Fringe Event programme is to promote all aspects of Data Collaboration to all audiences.  As part of this, we are open to all levels of Training Courses; from data science masterclasses to introductory sessions for the general public.  
Potential focus areas for Training Courses may include Data Ethics, Personal Privacy, Data Architectures, Data Wrangling, Data Management, Data Modelling, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or any other Data-related topics - we strongly encourage creativity and are open to any & all ideas!
Please note, all applicants that submit a proposal must agree to the DataFest20 Fringe Terms & Conditions.
Please contact datafest@thedatalab.com if you have any queries in relation to the submission process.