The Data Lab is one of eight Innovation Centres in Scotland, focused on generating significant economic, scientific and social value from data science. To achieve The Data Lab’s vision to showcase Scotland as an international leader in Data Science, we are looking to fund the development of online courses which contribute to the requirement for more flexible high-quality data science training and education. These may take the form of MOOCs or closed application online courses.

The project must have the potential to contribute to a positive social / economic impact in Scotland. We envisage two specific ways that this could be achieved through Online Learning:

(1) The course should aim to provide data science training to update the skills of those already employed or seeking employment in Scotland.

(2) The course should aim to attract more people to work, study or establish companies in the field of data science in Scotland.

The Data Lab will provide between £30,000 and £50,000 for the development of up to five online courses. These must be delivered fully online, which means there should be no mandatory in-person requirement for the learner. You can select one of the following three course types:

Short online course (for example: open resources and MOOCs) – Up to £30,000

Professional online course (for example: professional training) - Up to £30,000

Large course(s) (for example: MSc credit bearing course or MOOC + accompanying paid-for online training course)– Up to £50,000

Here is the application guidance.

You must submit your completed Application Form by Friday 31st August 2018, 5pm

Personal information (such as an email address) provided in the Application form will be processed by the University of Edinburgh in its capacity as The Data Lab. The personal information will be used to keep the Applicant(s) informed of progress with the Application. The personal information will not be processed for any other purpose. The Application will be shared for reviewing purposes, but all personal information will be removed by The Data Lab prior to sharing. This information will be retained for five years.

The Data Lab aims to generate economic, social and scientific value to Scotland through the application of data science. 

To help achieve this, we will part-fund Industrial Doctorate (PhD / EngD) studentships in partnership with Scottish industry and public sector organisations. 

Applications will be reviewed in July, and for Q3 in October. 

Personal information provided in application form will be processed by The Data Lab [University of Edinburgh] in order to keep the Applicant(s) informed of progress with the Application. This information will not be processed for any other purpose. The form will be shared with third parties for reviewing purposes. They will sign a NDA before receiving the application. Please do not include your address or telephone number in your CV. Information will be retained for 5 years.

If you have an idea for a Industrial Doctorate (PhD / EngD) project but you do not yet have an Industry Sponsor you can complete and submit this form to provide an outline of your idea. The Data Lab will use this information to make relevant introductions to potential Industry Sponsors.

You can choose to make the information provided in this application private or publically available. 

This application is for the sole purpose of matching University Partners with Industry Sponsors. It is not recognised as a submission and it will not be reviewed by the Reviewing Panel.